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All taxis are fitted with a meter, which shows the fare payable at the end of your journey,. Our Private hire covers a wide range of services including minicabs, limousines, All minicab and private hire journeys must be booked with a licensed private hire operator – any minicab or other private hire vehicle that is not booked is unlicensed, uninsured, unsafe and illegal. Lost property Property lost in a taxi should be reported to Ablewell Office. You can contact for Lost Property at our  Office  Address: 2 Ablewell Street, Walsall WS1 2EQ Phone: 01922 645123 to find out if your property has been found.Property found in taxis can be handed in to a police station by the driver before being forwarded to the Lost Property Office and can take up to seven days to arrive when sent from police stations.Property found in private hire vehicles is held at the relevant private hire operator’s office, where a record of lost property is kept. Please contact theoperator directly that you booked with to check if they have found your property.

Assistance dogs All taxis and private hire vehicles carry guide and other assistance dogs at no extra charge.If you have an assistance dog and have experienced any problems when trying to use taxi or private hire services in Walsall  please let us know.
Taxi and private hire information Taxi fares from 3 June 2018

The taximeter calculates the maximum fare based upon time of day, distance traveled and taxi speed. Drivers must, unless they have good cause, accept any hiring up to 5 miles, or up to one hour duration if the destination is in Walsall Once a journey reaches six miles the rate at which the taxi fare increases changes. Full details of the taxi fares and tariffs can be found on our website at http// The driver is not obliged to accept a hiring if the destination is outside 10 miles and the fare for such a journey may be negotiated between the driverand hirer.Typical

Note that fares and times may be higher than shown if there are delays or heavy traffic.